Expert Adviser:

Drawing on her background as a Ph.D. molecular biologist, engineer, and consultant, Brooke’s ability to provide deep, broad, and accurate analyses in Pancreatic Cancer position her as a subject area expert. Through the ONCrg Advisory services, you can contact Brooke directly for personalized answers to non-proprietary questions, targeted analyses, and custom insights in Pancreatic Cancer.   More

Pancreatic Oncology Resources

Medical Conference Coverage:

ONCrg Conference reports deliver expert analysis of the noteworthy scientific, clinical, and commercial changes presented at major medical conferences. The entire landscape of colorectal cancer is covered, including novel inroads into increasing immunotherapy efficacy and advances in combination therapies.   More

Competitive Landscape Analysis:

ONCrg Pipeline Strategies are comprehensive reports profiling all new drugs in Phase I/II development and beyond, including valuable analytics by agent class and clinical state. In pancreatic cancer, an indication of high unmet need, profiled agents are often unique and highly innovative agents are included.   More

Monthly Surveillance Reports:

ONCrg Sentinel provides vigilant monitoring of rapidly evolving scientific, clinical, and commercial activities in oncology. ONCrg experts deliver incisive commentaries on current news events to inform subscribers each month, preparing them to respond wisely to ever-changing market conditions.   More