About ONCrg

Oncology Resource Group (ONCrg) was founded by senior consultants, Stacey McCann and Michael D. Reynolds, with a vision to add value to client programs through focused expertise in oncology drug markets and broader and deeper market planning resources than our competitors; where their capabilities are attenuated by working in too many non-drug and non-oncology market sectors. Our fundamental belief is that clients are better served by putting all of our firm’s analytical efforts and capabilities behind the exclusive study of oncology markets so we can deliver market planning resources with more depth, insight, and precision than would otherwise be possible.

ONCrg employs highly skilled consultants with a deep understanding of clinical medicine and the complex mechanisms underlying cancer pathogenesis. Through rigorous and sophisticated methodologies, our firm interprets numerous scientific, clinical, and therapy area developments on an ongoing basis and is adept at evaluating the commercial impact of complicated interconnected market events and how changes in treatment trends, patient populations, and risk factors will weigh into the future marketplace.

We are committed to helping our clients succeed in creating winning strategies and making the right business decisions for their new products, brands, franchises, partnerships, and alliances.  By empowering talented consultants that intensely focus on oncology drug markets, and working hand-in-hand with clients to develop the most relevant forward-looking resources possible, we achieve new standards of analytical excellence and deliver the most accurate, insightful, and robust market planning resources available anywhere in this challenging and pivotal healthcare arena.